European Youth Together

Young Service Designers’ (YSD) scope is to boost hyperlocal structures for tackling local specific challenges, putting the youth at the center of the renewal of their cities.

YSD aims to support young people (16-21 y.o.) through a civic education and engagement approach fostering their competences and offering them the opportunity to experience a real participation in local decision-making to rethink their cities and public spaces towards healthier streets, revitalized buildings and more resilient neighborhoods.

Through the envisaged activities, the project aims to fulfill the following outcomes:

Representative democracy is strengthened when young people become active in their communities. Young people’s right to participate is closely linked to freedom of expression and the right to information.

  • To improve decision-making. Participation leads to more accurate, relevant decisions, which are better informed and more likely to be implemented and owned by those concerned.
  • To let young people, participate in the decision-making process. Young people are experts on their own challenges and circumstances, and on ways to reach others their age.
  • To improve services in the post-COVID era. Consulting with young people enables services to be improved and adapted to meet changing needs.
  • Boosting hyperlocal structures coordinated by young people to support communities in a more inclusive landscape.

The main activities of the project are:

  • 18 youth workers in 6 EU Countries (IT, EL, SK, DE, FI, PL) will be trained to mentor young people
  • 120 young people (20 per country) will acquire skills as Young Service Designers, through a structured 40 hours training
  • 6 Youth Public Innovation Labs will be implemented at local level
  • 6 Pilot Services will be co-designed by young participants (at least 1 per country)
  • Involvement of civil servants from the cities supporting YSD
  • Creation of an E-learning Collaborative Platform
  • Creation of Toolkit “Young Service Designers and Cities as partners and allies”