Engage – Connect – Empower

Empowering young people to revitalise youth participation

The ‘Young Service Designers’ (YSD) project has been co-funded by European Youth Together (EYT) Sub – programme of ERASMUS+ Programme – under Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency – EACEA (GA n°624732). The project started on 15th May 2021 and will run for 24 months under a consortium of 6 partnering organizations.

YSD project’s main objectives are the following: 

  • Boost hyperlocal structures for tackling local specific challenges, putting the youth at the centre of the renewal of their cities.
  • Engage – connect – empower young people to play a more active role in their local community. 
  • Engage young people as co-designers and doers of pilot actions for tailoring public services.
  • Strengthen authentic democratic activities in 6 cities.
  • Include disadvantaged groups.
  • Build a sustainable and green Europe.

The approach is meant to involve young people to propose sustainable and innovative solutions for their cities, with the support of the local administrations and youth workers. 

Youth workers will experiment new methods and acquire knowledge and skills to attract the interest of young people in active citizenship and to stimulate their desire in proposing solutions for tackling local challenges. 

Youngsters will acquire new capabilities with YSD, providing them with the necessary tools to become active citizens and to participate in local decision-making. 

Stakeholders such as public authorities, schools and universities, enterprises and local organizations will be involved in the activities and informed about the new methodologies experimented.