PRESS RELEASE – Festival YSD, “Sustainable Planet: Youth Design” – United by the Screen

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PRESS RELEASE – Festival YSD, “Sustainable Planet: Youth Design” – United by the Screen

The Institute of Research & Training on European Affairs – I.R.T.E.A. in collaboration with the Municipality of Salamina organizes a Festival with the title “Sustainable Planet: Youth Design” – United by the Screen, on the 27th and 28th of May 2023, at 18:00 – 21:00 at the Forest of the Salamina Town Hall.

The festival is implemented in the framework of the European project “Young Service Designers – YSD”, partnered by I.R.T.E.A. and which the Municipality of Salamina participated to. The project is funded by the European Union and the ERASMUS+ Programme ((European Youth Together (EYT) Sub – programme under Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency – EACEA (GA n°624732)).

More specifically, the Greek Young Service Designers, under the guidance of I.R.T.E.A. and following many visits to the Municipality of Salamina, and discussions with locals and the local authorities, designed the idea for this Festival as a way of bringing youth closer to the community. Simultaneously, it aims at their active participation, as well as engagement with the public and civic affairs. Centered around the cinematography as both a means of education, and an art which inspires the spirit and reflection, in combination with educational workshops, this Festival aims from the one side, to share information and knowledge to the citizens and visitors of the island about important topics related to the environment, and on the other side to unite the participants in a common effort to support vulnerable social groups.

The 5 topics which will be the base for all of the festival’s activities are:
-Fire Safety & Fire Protection
-Protection of the Environment and Recycling
-Drowning and First Aid
-Road Safety
-Social Integration and Inclusion of People with Disabilities (PwD)

Under the axis of Sustainable Development and Social Integration, this Festival will include various educational workshops from the Municipality’s Services, the C’ Section of Piraeus’ Traffic Office, bodies and authorities in the island, as well as members from the Volunteers’ Registry in cooperation with Schools of our Municipality. Additionally, a movie screening will take place, with a topic related to the thematic of our festival, in order to motivate reflection and thinking, and to enjoy our time recreationally! Finally, Dance Schools of the island will also host interactive dancing demonstrations with the participation from people and pupils.

The goal of this Festival is to pose an event which will become a tradition for the island of Salamina, and will be organized yearly, upon the beginning of the touristic session, in order to highlight the structure, authorities, bodies and activities that take place in the island, but to also inform and raise awareness about issues of protection of the environment, fire protection, first aid provision, and prevention of drowning incidents, as well as road safety, topics of paramount importance for the health and safety of everyone.
With the participation of pupils from Salamina’s schools in the pavilions where the workshops will take place on Saturday, the visitors of the festival will be able to learn and get informed about ways that they can contribute to the protection and the cultural upgrade of the island.

As the Festival has a special social attitude, the visitors are called to offer food provisions instead of a ticket fee, which will be given to the Social Grocery of the Municipality.
We invite all the citizens of the Municipality or of nearby areas and any other person interested in our activity, on the weekend of 27th and 28th of May 2023 from 18:00 o’clock on the forest in front of the Town Hall, in order to enjoy productively and educatively these activities for young and older!

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