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European Youth Together

Local Youth Activation Report

The Local Youth Activation Report, created in the framework of Young Service Designers project, discusses the results of a context analysis about investigating the actual involvement of youth in politics and democratic participation, identifying needs and gaps to address with a capacity-building programme addressed to young people.The context analysis is based on a desk research,…
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Call for Young Service Designers

Find here the Application Form for your Country: IT DE EL FI SK PL

Survey on youth policy in Europe

We value your thoughts! #YSDproject runs an EU Survey on the 6 partner countries and a central EU online questionnaire to evaluate the situation on youth policies on national and European level.Engage yourself to the Survey and state your thoughts, express your feelings and share your ambitions on the youth sector in Europe. Is it…
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A new European Project Survey needs your support

In recent years the Youth political disengagement in EU and a worrying decline in levels of youth participation in politics (especially in VOTING) are being increasing problems to face up. But it also true that youngsters are not totally unresponsive to politics: there have been, especially after the blast of pandemic for covid-19, alternative forms…
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