A new European Project Survey needs your support

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A new European Project Survey needs your support

In recent years the Youth political disengagement in EU and a worrying decline in levels of youth participation in politics (especially in VOTING) are being increasing problems to face up. But it also true that youngsters are not totally unresponsive to politics: there have been, especially after the blast of pandemic for covid-19, alternative forms of political engagement such as protesting, demonstrating, being part of organisations, signing petitions, volunteering, and engaging with online methodologies. This means that young people, however it may be, want to have their thoughts engraved and to make their voices heard, in any condition!

With a partnership of 6 countries and 6 organisations dealing with youth engagement, the European project YSD – Young Service Designers, co-financed by Erasmus Plus and EUROPEAN YOUTH TOGETHER (EYT) fund, has been launched in May 2021 and is aiming at developing more local opportunities for youngsters ​, facing global issues together​, doing Capacity building on participatory decision-making process​ along with Civic monitoring improved tools​ and for Pro-environment actions.

The first phase of the project, still on-going, is inquiring about the status of youth engament of people from 16 to 21 years old in Europe and in partners’ countries (Italy, Greece, Germany, Slovakia, Finland and Poland). That is why aneeds analysis is due.

Project partners are gathering data, figures and information to know more about the gaps in training competences on the above mentioned topics.

Along with a desk analysis, the project includes a survey, launched at local and European level targeting young people from 16 to 21 years old.
This survey will help the project team to collect qualitative data on the state of the art of youth involvement in local policy and decision-making, and to explore young people’ specific interests in terms of domains and fields for their activation in policy and decision-making.

The survey has been launched in the six countries participating to the project with the objective to reach at least 100 answers per country. An English version of the survey has been also launched at EU level.

Could you kindly help us in spreading the word about? 

Please answer all the questions specifically formulated for individuals or members of organizations.
Questions with a red ‘*’ are compulsory fields.
For questions whose answer is either YES or NO, you will be required either to skip part of the survey and go directly to another question or to answer the following sub-questions.
Please read carefully the instructions you find next to YES or NO.
The Glossary may help you find the meaning of some complex or not-so-common words.           

Find here the Survey in your language:


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